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Times of change…

…are times of uncertainty. Some will thrive, some will struggle. We want everyone to thrive.

We believe everyone deserves the support to thrive. So that’s what we do. We use coaching to support individuals, teams and executives thrive at times of change.




Whether it’s whole scale industry transformation, a new way of working or a few procedural alterations, change is always a challenge. Change can be chosen or forced, planned or unplanned, reactive or proactive coaching. Sometimes it’s easily conquered and sometimes it takes a while conquer but in most cases coaching can make it more successful.

Coaching helps businesses and individuals not only swiftly adapt to Change, but thrive in it. It can eliminate dips in performance and significantly reduce the impact and cost of the ‘change curve’ both at an individual and business level.

With over 10 years’ experience in business change, we know that targeted coaching is the corner-stone of any effective change management programme and one of the best techniques for bringing about long-lasting change. If you’d like to find out how it could work for your business then please get in touch.


  • “Tanya has a wonderful way of discussing things so that you come to your own conclusions, decisions and path that you want to follow.”
    Event Manager, Leeds
  • “Tanya’s questioning technique allowed me to look at the future in a different way. I became enlightened but without actually being told what to do, I simply answered myself!”
    Consultant, Poland
  • “As a sceptic I was incredibly impressed with the outcome of the sessions with Tanya. Her coaching style and technique was very professional yet relaxed, accessible and natural.”
    The Wallace Collection Community Programme Coordinator, UK

Our founder, Tanya Gribble, has an extensive background in business change consulting and is a qualified Personal Performance Coach with over 15 years’ coaching experience.

She has run her own coaching business for 10 years. Prior to that she worked with corporate clients in the UK, Australia and the US supporting them make successful changes. She is truly passionate about seeing change done the right way so if you are looking for support at a time of change please do get in touch.